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Research Proposals on Analyzing The Success Rate Of The Western Nations In Resolving The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Summary This research is aimed at getting in depth to the agenda of war between Israel and the Arabs. The Middle East conflict between these two nations has been growing larger with time. The impacts and relevance of this cold war cannot be overlooked by the international community and other nations, especially the Western countries. As a result, these countries have made certain endeavors in trying to end amicably this war. The big question however, concerns their collective mode of operations and efforts in relation to the levels of success achieved or yet to be achieved. Literature Review The fact that the Arab-Israeli conflict dominates international affairs is evident since a person can hardly go a day without finding this conflict in the newspapers. The significance of these countries to the western nation lies in various fields. Importantly though, is the fact that there is an economic interest of the western nations in relation to these Middle East countries. Recent trends and development of further interest by the western nations in relation to this conflict have amplified. Numerous individuals believe that the oil deposits in the Middle East, especially the one’s that are in the state of Israel, are of major interest to the western countries (Sapir, 2011, p 76). This is further amplified by the fact that the Arabs tie oil deposits to politics (Rubin, 1996, p 4). However the concerned nations, with the United States inclusive, tend to deny this fact. This is because linking oil questions to this matter is likely to increase Arab leverage on the United Sta tes. Further it may alarm the Israelis and hence make them reluctant in responding positively, or even considering concessions. The perception of the involvement of the United States in the conflict are widespread and varying (Allen Pijpers, 1984, p 193). The fact that the United States may be biased in dealing with this conflict is debatable. To a large extent, the United States government seems to be supporting the Israelites (Rea Wright, 1997, p 54). Further, the larger American citizens believe that the government is not being even in dealing and handling of this crucial matter (Shannon, 2003, p 197). Clearly, there is a burden of conflicting expectations from Israel and the Arab states, which in turn place the United States in a delicate position. This statement is fully supported by the actions of former President Bush and his secretary Baker (Hartley, Lea, and Rowe, 2004, p 147). Research Questions Are the western nations willing to resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict? What are some of the measures taken by western nations to reduce the Israeli-Arab conflict? Is there goodwill from the conflicting parties to have western nations as arbitrators to the conflict? What are some of the interests that western nations have in the Middle East? Approach The research will use a qualitative approach to collect data and arrive at its findings. This will involve collecting data from secondary sources and also interviewing people that are affected by the conflict. Provisional Chapter Outline Chapter 1: What the western nations have achieved so far in resolving the Israeli-Arab conflict. Chapter 2: Literature Review The strategies being used by western nations to resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict. Efforts by individual western countries to resolve the conflict. Chapter 3: Findings The reasons why the western countries are interested in the Israeli-Arab conflict. Whether there is goodwill from the conflicting parties to have the conflict resolved by the western countries. References Phillips, W. (2009). Solving the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A practical way forward that allows both sides to negotiate a solution in good-faith. New York: Create Space. Rubin, B. (1996). The Arab-Israeli Conflict Is Over. Middle east Quarterly,3 (3), 3-12. Rosen, S. (2011). Why Isn’t Obama Pressuring the Palestinians? Foreign Policy. Retrieved from Sapir, H. (2011). The Bangladesh approach to the Palestinian-Israeli struggle: A desperate strategy to cope with a state of emergency. International Journal of Conflict Management, 22 (1), 75 – 88 Hartley, C., Lea, D. Rowe, A. (2004). A Survey of Arab-Israeli Relations. London: Taylor Francis. Rea, T. Wright, J. (1998). Ireland: a divided island. London: OUP. Allen, D. Pijpers, A. (1984). European foreign policy-making and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Hague: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers Zibrandt, S. Anders, S. (2002). The European Union and the Middle East. London: Continuum International Publishing Group. Gilbert, M. (2002). The European Union and the Middle East. New Jersey: Routledge. Ginsberg, R. H. (2001). The European Union in international politics. Cambridge: Rowman Littlefield. Youngs, R. (2006). Europe and the Middle East: in the shadow of September 11. Illinois: Lynne Rienner Publishers. Aruri, N. (2003). Dishonest Broker: The Role of the United States in Palestine and Israel. Miami: South End Press. Gardener, J. (2009). The role of the American media in the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Four Winds Retrieved from Hanelt, C. Neugart, F. (2008). Bound to Cooperate. Berlin: Bertelsmann Stiftung. Broff, S. (2003). Will Israel Survive? European Business Review, 15 (3).

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Police Discretion Essay - 1489 Words

In this essay a discussion will be explored about the benefits and problems associated with police use of discretion. Which current policing strategies have the most potential for controlling officer discretion and providing accountability, and which have the least, and why is that the case? And finally, how might these issues impact the various concerns facing law enforcement today? Police behavior is different across all communities. In fact, how police react to combat crime is affected by the management style of the various police administrators. Also, local politics will have a strong influence on how police react to crime. When police respond to a call, they will make a determination of the â€Å"cost and benefits† of their reaction.†¦show more content†¦Without this network of informers, it would be difficult to capture users, possessors and sellers of illegal drugs. In this circumstance police discretion has a net positive effect. When and how officers use dis cretion is not always seen in a positive light by some members of the community; for example some officers feel that an assault between two blacks is an acceptable way for them to handle disputes, therefore there would be no need to invoke the criminal process (Goldstein, 1960). An officer’s negative appraisal of minorities is one of the reasons they are so over-represented in the criminal justice system. If officers are making the decision not to invoke the criminal process when dealing with white upper class males, but in most cases invoking the criminal process when dealing with members of the minority community, that is a violation of due process. In that case, the net affect of police discretion is negative. One important work which highlighted some of the shortcomings of officer discretion was a survey sponsored by the American Bar Foundation. Among other things that survey noted in the 1960’s a national crisis arose with certain problems relating to law enforcem ent. The survey noted that the possibility existed that discretionary decision making could represent a pattern of discrimination, it did say, on the other hand, the survey was unable to say definitively rather discrimination existed inShow MoreRelatedPolice Discretion1244 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Police Discretion Jocelyn Golphin University of the District of Columbia Criminal Justice System 2/21/2014 Golphin 2 Police discretion is a very important approach in matters concerning criminal justice. There has been a consistent problem between enforcing the law and the spirit of the law. Discretion in the broader sense can be defined as the individual’s ability to make a decision basing on the principle of courses of the action. During trainingRead MorePolice Discretion1050 Words   |  5 PagesPolice Discretion Police discretion is the ability to choose a course of action because of broad limits of power. It refers to the autonomy an officer has in choosing an appropriate course of action (The Police In America, 113). It includes authority to decide which of the various means of helping the helpless, maintaining order, and keeping the peace are best suited to particular circumstances ( The police need to have discretionRead MorePolice Discretion1548 Words   |  7 PagesPolice Discretion David Gonzalez University of Phoenix Introduction to Policing CJA/370 Professor John W. Feltgen June 23, 2005 Abstract In this paper I will discuss police discretion and the use of these discretionary powers in the law enforcement workplace. I will explore the mythical aspects of police discretionary powers and the source of this myth. I will further discuss the control of discretionary authority. I will name instances of law enforcement officials using their discretionary powersRead MorePolice Abuse Of Discretion And Discretion2015 Words   |  9 Pages Police Abuse of Discretion William Powell Jr. American Military University Professor Robert Arruda CMRJ303 Criminology January 17, 2014 Abstract Utilizing the research from several sources and personal experience, this paper will discuss police abuse of discretion. The paper will begin by defining discretion. The paper will examine several types of discretion variables. The paper will discuss its use in the field and office settings. The paper will discussRead MorePolice Discretion1418 Words   |  6 PagesPolice discretion by definition is the power to make decisions of policy and practice. Police have the choice to enforce certain laws and how they will be enforced. Some law is always or almost always enforced, some is never or almost never enforced, and some is sometimes enforced and sometimes not (Davis, p.1). Similarly with discretion is that the law may not cover every situation a police officer encounters, so they must use their discretion wisely. Until 1956, people thought of police discretionRead MoreDefinition Of Discretion And Police Discretion2054 Words   |  9 PagesThe term discretion has several meanings the liberty to decide what should be done in a specific circumstance is one general universal definition. But when dealing with criminal justice and police work the description changes a bit. The criminal justice definition of discretion is Police discretion discusses the authority given to a police officer that allows him or her to decide how to best handle a certain situation. This is designed at increasing the flexibility of the criminal justice systemRead MorePolice Discretion2131 Words   |  9 PagesDiscretion is defined as the authority to make a decision between two or more choices (Pollock, 2010). More specifically, it is defined as â€Å"the capacity to identify and to document criminal and noncriminal events† (Boivin ump; Cordeau, 2011). Every police officer has a great deal of discretion concerning when to use their authority, power, persuasion, or force. Depending on how an officer sees their duty to society will determine an officer’s discretion. Discre tion leads to selective enforcementRead MorePolice Discretion2677 Words   |  11 PagesFrom a criminological perspective discretion can be defined as the authority granted by law to agencies and officials to act on their own considered judgement and conscience in certain situations; and each area of the legal system (judges, parliament and law enforcement) has its own discretion. Police discretion is the ability granted by the legal system to police offices, in certain situations, to act in a manner that allows authorities to make responsible decisions and individual choices or judgmentsRead MoreEssay on Police Discretion1425 Words   |  6 PagesPolice Discretion Discretion, uncertainly, and inefficiently are rampant and essential in criminal justice. Nobody expects perfection. That would neither be good nor fair. Justice is a sporting event in which playing fair is more important than winning. Law enactment, enforcement, and administration all involve trading off the possibility of perfect outcomes for security against the worst outcomes. Policing is the most visible part of this: employees on the bottom have more discretion thanRead MoreDisadvantages Of Police Discretion835 Words   |  4 PagesAssignment 2 Discretion can be defined as the availability of choice of options or actions. We all use discretion each and every day with all the decisions we make in our day to day lives. With that being said police also use discretion but theirs have the ability to change people’s lives on the daily basis. They have to make those decisions each and every day not knowing how it will affect the person’s life. Discretion is something that is a very necessary part of police work. One of the reason

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What Is The Self - 928 Words

What is the self? According to Gaynesford in his book, The Meaning of the First Person Term, the philosophy of self defines the essential qualities that make one person distinct from all others. There have been numerous approaches to defining these qualities. The self is the idea of a unified being which is the source of consciousness. Moreover, this self is the agent responsible for the thoughts and actions of an individual to which they are ascribed. I believe there are two separate identities that everyone possesses. There is no unchanging core of identity that makes us the same person from day to day; there is only an ever-shifting bundle of thoughts, feelings and memories. Every single day, thousands of people wake up in the morning get ready for work, eat breakfast, and head on their way to work. Although we have a multitude of things happen throughout our day, whether it’s an unexpected accident on the freeway or a flat tire, unanticipated events happen. When situations that we are not expecting arise, our emotions, feelings, and mood changes. Self Concept is an important term for both social psychology and humanism. Lewis (1990) suggests that development of a concept of self has two aspects: The Existential Self and The Categorical Self. The existential self is the most basic part of the self- scheme or self-concept; the sense of being separate and distinct from others and the awareness of the constancy of the self (Bee, 1992). SelfShow MoreRelatedWhat Is Self Or If There Even Is A Self?861 Words   |  4 PagesIn trying to define what is self or if there even is a self, Hume asserts personal identity is a mere illusion and instead the self is a classification of the process of our mutable parts. On the other hand, in Descartes’ dissertation he defines self as a â€Å"rational soul† (pg33) or an essence unique to humans, held constant in the container of the human body. Hume’s and Descartes’ definition of self therefore is an all or nothing assumption; either the self is nonexistent dependent on the presenceRead MoreWhat Is Self Care? Essay821 Words   |  4 Pages What is Self-Care? Self-care is one of those words that therapists use, forgetting that the rest of the population has never heard of it. Basically, it is a noun referring to taking care of your own emotional well-being. Self-Care works on two levels. First, the obvious- it allows you to take care of yourself, to nurture yourself. Second, it subconsciously sends you the message that you deserve to be taken care of, which can help increase your self-esteem, self-worth, and happiness. Self-careRead MoreWhat Is Self Knowledge?1282 Words   |  6 PagesWhat Is Self Knowledge? How to Improve Your Life Through Honesty With Yourself By Adam V Talbot | Submitted On May 11, 2015 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Adam V Talbot Anyone who s seenRead MoreWhat Makes A Self?1655 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is a self? Is A considered a self? To answer whether A is human we must first define what a self is. Each individual experiences and reacts to life and situations differently, and collectively, we do not have anything within us that is black and white, so that would lead to the conclusion that self cannot be explicitly defined. However, at the same time, that complexity in itself is a definition; the fact that we exist as gray areas ultimately proves that we are a living contradiction. So aRead MoreWhat is Self-Reliance?795 Words   |  3 PagesSome may ask, what is self-reliance? Self- Reliance is defined as relying on one’s own capabilities, judgment, resources, or independence. In â€Å"Self-Reliance†, written by an American Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson describes how we should live and prosper as a human being. In order to be self- realigned one must trust themselves, believe in the mselves, and create individualism. The search for self-reliance comes from loving something, mainly yourself. Emerson states throughout his essay inRead MoreWhat Is Self Esteem? Essay655 Words   |  3 PagesWhat is self-esteem? Self-esteem is a term used in psychology to describe someone’s level of confidence and respect for themselves. Pride, shame and dignity are some of the emotions self-esteem encompasses. In 1943, Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist created the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; it was composed of physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem and self-actualization, physiological being the most basic needs. He believed that psychological health is not possible unless people acceptedRead MoreWhat Makes A Self Reliance?1691 Words   |  7 PagesWho is an American that embodies self-reliance and independence? Self-reliance, or independence as an individual, is an uniquely American trait. 2 Thessalonians 3:6-14, relating to this value, says to work hard, urge people to work for their own earning, and not be a burden on others. Without self-reliance, America could not be the country it is today. One person who embodies this American value would be Ulysses S. Grant. Grant showed this quality in his hard work to his family and country. He wasRead MoreWhat Is Your Ideal Self? Essay2130 Words   |  9 PagesWhat is your ideal self? Do you want to be a college graduate, married, mother/father, homeowner, cultured, musical? Your current state is called the actual self and the person that you want to be is called the ideal self. An ideal self-concept is how you would like a situation or outcome to be, for example completing a degree program or not being stuck in traffic. Actual self-concept is what your current situation or outcome is, for example being in school for a degree or being stuck in trafficRead MoreWhat Makes Your Self Concept?869 Words   |  4 Pageshelps create our self-concept. The reaction of others, your compariso n with others, the social roles you play, and the groups of people you identify with all contribute to the development of your self-concept. According to Bevan and Sole part of the way you construct your self-concept is by choosing to accept or reject what other people tell you about yourself. Your self-concept is influenced by the people you surround yourself with and by what they tell you, to keep a positive self-concept it is helpfulRead MoreWhat Is Self Grading In Data Mining1469 Words   |  6 PagesAccepting or Rejecting Students’ Self-grading in their Final Marks by using Data Mining First A. Author1, Second B. Author2, and Third C. Author3[Font: Times New Roman, Size:11] 1Member, Institute/Organization name[Font: Times New Roman, Size:11] 2Member, Institute/Organization name[Font: Times New Roman, Size:11] 3Member, Institute/Organization name[Font: Times New Roman, Size:11] Abstract—In this paper we propose a methodology based on data mining andself-evaluation in order to predict whether

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Website Development for Drive Yelo

Question: Discuss about the Website Development for Drive Yelo. Answer: Introduction: A business proposal is created for Drive Yello, a small startup company in Australia to implement a business website for the company and the report is required to be presented to the president of the company Ms. Courtney Blair (Yello - Food delivery made easy., 2017). The proposal should be presented to the board of directors and the other administrators and managers of the company. With the implementation of the website in the current business process of the organization the company is expected to gain competitive advantage because the business have a unique strategy. The website proposal contains the development techniques and the approach used for the proper development of the project and implements it with the current business process. The main problem associated with the project is that the president of the company is unaware of the benefit that the company can gain with the use of internet and intranet (Maciel et al., 2014). The website can automate the registration of the different business and reduce the need of paper works for the management of the business process (Liaw et al., 2015). Another problem associated with the current business process is that the interested partners and investors needs more time to reach the company and the faster food delivery requires real time data update which is not possible without an information system. Project Objectives The main objectives of the project are as follows: To explain the benefits of internet and intranet for the company To include the stakeholders of the company for the development of the project To develop an appropriate approach and methodology for the development of the project To develop an efficient website and create a testing plan for the development of the project To estimate the project cost for the development of the project Benefits of using Internet and Intranet The internet plays an active role for interconnecting the different business components and it also helps the organization to gain competitive advantage with improved response time from the business(Anderson, 2015). The business data can be shared with the stakeholders associated with the system and the global data can be fetched from different sources and the efficiency of the business can be improved (Welch, 2015). Different web applications can be used for the communicating with the clients and taking feedback of the service provided by Yelo Drive. The web application can be of different types like chat rooms, social media, email, etc. Intranet service can also be used for communicating and managing the office and the employees working in the organization. A LAN setup is used for the creating a two way communication and improve the communication speed with the organization. A VOIP system can be implemented for communicating with the employees (Wolstencroft et al., 2013). The cost of operation of the internet is lower and the speed of communication is much faster using the intranet service in the organization. Benefits from the suggested solution The suggested solution would help the organization to track the location of the order where it should be delivered. The integration of the Google map service with the developed website would help the business and the stakeholders involved with the system to track the location where the delivery is to be made and thus reach the position more quickly (Sukale, Koval Voida, 2014). The registered can be notified for the delivery and the interested driver going on the route can take the order and reduce the cost incurred for the delivery of the order. The website can also manage the payment of the customers and reduce the manual process of the business (Rao, Neelima Krishnamurthy, 2016). The customer relationship can be improved with the implementation of the system and the business-to-business communication would also be improved with the implementation of the system. The social media pages can be included with the developed website to reach more number of peoples and increase the publicity of the website. A page of the company can be created on Face book for analyzing the fan following and the comments can be audited for getting feedback of the customer regarding the business process followed by Drive Yelo. Cost Estimation of the proposed project Estimation of the Task Total hours Rate Cost User Interface design and graphics Design of the home page Design concept 11 120 1320 Revision 2 12 24 Inner page design Inside page design 3 120 360 Revision 2 120 240 Implementation Home page 20 120 2400 Focus pages 15 120 1800 Getting involved with multiple blocks 3 120 360 Experts-Widget and lists 3 120 360 Research- summaries and links 4 120 480 People- sorted and lists grouped 6 120 720 About us page 5 120 600 Disclosures 3 120 360 cases 4 120 480 Publication of the lists 6 120 720 Multimedia inclusion 2 120 240 Inclusion of contents 5 120 600 News-List 4 120 480 Contacts- Forms with site pal 8 120 960 Comments- spam control 2 120 240 printer friendly pages 7 120 840 taxonomies 3 120 360 Control of the access for blogger, admin and guest accounts 4 120 480 Shortening of the URL 2 120 240 Updating of the current site 4 120 480 Migration of the contents 15 120 1800 Documentation and training 9 120 1080 Project management and testing 25 120 3000 Deployment of the developed project 7 120 840 Total 184 120 21864 Conclusion From the above report it can be concluded that the system should be developed with all the necessary contents and within a limited budget constraints. The internet and the intranet should be used for the development and aligning it with the development process. The contents of the website should be managed with a robust content management system and the system must be designed considering the recommendations provided in the report. Recommendations Flexible design: The developed website should be flexible and a dedicated server or workstation should be linked with the interface to load the organizational data. Implementation of CMS: Content Management System would save the cost of the maintenance of the website and keep the website upto date and fresh for use Attractive design: The website would should be designed using colorful logo and manage the records of the business partners and employees working in the organization. Compatibility: The developed website should be compatible with different platforms such that the user can access the website from different devices. Social media integration: A business page can be created on Facebook to analyze the customer reaction and taking feedback from the customer for improvement of the website. References Anderson, L. Z. (2015). Web Designing An hour a day. Liaw, S. Y., Wong, L. F., Chan, S. W. C., Ho, J. T. Y., Mordiffi, S. Z., Ang, S. B. L., ... Ang, E. N. K. (2015). Correction: Designing and Evaluating an Interactive Multimedia Web-Based Simulation for Developing Nurses Competencies in Acute Nursing Care: Randomized Controlled Trial.Journal of medical Internet research,17(3). Maciel, E. D. S., Vasconcelos, J. S., Silva, L. K. S. D., Sonati, J. G., Galvo, J., Silva, D. D., Oetterer, M. (2014). Designing and validating the methodology for the Internet assessment of fish consumption at a university setting.Food Science and Technology (Campinas),34(2), 315-323. Rao, K. S., Neelima, P., Krishnamurthy, M. (2016). Enhanced Protection for Personalized Web Search.Journal of Web Development and Web Designing,1(2). Sukale, R., Koval, O., Voida, S. (2014, September). The proxemic web: designing for proxemic interactions with responsive web design. InProceedings of the 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing: Adjunct Publication(pp. 171-174). ACM. Welch, D. E. (2015). Web Designing Theory and Practice. Wolstencroft, K., Haines, R., Fellows, D., Williams, A., Withers, D., Owen, S., ... Bhagat, J. (2013). The Taverna workflow suite: designing and executing workflows of Web Services on the desktop, web or in the cloud.Nucleic acids research, gkt328. Yello - Food delivery made easy. (2017).Yello. Retrieved 17 January 2017, from

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The most important reason free essay sample

What was the most important reason for the abolition of the slave Trade? By the time that the slave trade had been abolished in Britain and her colonies in 1807 eleven million men, women and children had been snatched from their homes. For historians understanding the factors that led to the abolition of the trade remains an important task. Whilst there is clearly a consensus on the main factors that led to this seismic and historic event there is obviously a difference in opinion on the most important due to the degree of subjectivity the question poses.The key factors that caused the abolition were the work of the working class, both their moral views as well as petitions; Economic factors; the work of black people and the middle class. The evidence have seen has led me to firmly and fervently believe that Economic factors played the most important role. Money makes the world go round and in the latter stage of the 18th century slavery was not making enough of it. We will write a custom essay sample on The most important reason or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Due to a rise in cheap sugar, a result of increased production in Central America, demand for West Indian sugar fell. As plantations closed, demand fell.Whilst in 1 771 2728 slaves were imported onto Barbados, a year later none were. Slavery became less profitable and in many cases the slaves themselves went from an asset to a liability. Furthermore, an increase in slave rebellion and revolts led to increased expenses. This epiphany caused the plantation owners to realize the benefit of employing former slaves. This was not due to them having a moral realization or hearing the terrible accounts of slaves, not even the cries of the British working class back home. It was simply due to the fact that it was far more profitable to employ people whose wellbeing was not their responsibility.The economist, Adam Smith, in his book The Wealth of the Nation wrote that the work of free men comes cheaper in the end than performed by slaves. This is because Slavery makes the slaves a reluctant labor force and so the slaves feel that their labor is useless as all the profits go to the master as the slaves are not allowed to own anything, not even themselves. Propose that the only reason that the MSP voted for the motion was the fact that it no longer mattered if slavery was banned as the import industry and trade hubs no longer relied on the foul practice to supply them with the commodities such as sugar, Tobacco and cotton.Leaded Alexander-Charles a contemporary of the abolition and a historian wrote it was not by stories of atrocious cruelty that the eyes of Parliament were open to the wickedness of slavery. He went on to show that While the free Neg roes were steadily advancing in number, the slaves were dying, off at a rate which was truly appalling. This is not to regard the other factors as redundant. The role of black people played a crucial accelerator in the economic downfall of slavery as the revolts they took part in cost thousands to quell.This helped make the plantations sees economically viable and contributed to the employment of ex-slaves. However, arguably the bigger role-played by black people was the spread of information about the brutal atrocities and horrible working conditions slaves suffered. Equation helped publicize the issue in his autobiography the interesting narrative. They brought slavery to the attention of the working class majority and slowly but surely changed the opinion of the people. However, I do believe that if slavery were still economically prosperous the important politicians Of the port cities would not have let the bill pass.Before the petitions the politicians believe that the people were on their side. However the series of petitions; firstly of 300,00 and then 3 million helped swing opinion within parliament. This change in opinion also could not of happened without the moral, sociological and theological reform that the age of the enlightenment and French revolution brought. The idea that all men were born equal was a clear and compelling argument for the abolition and it was that kind of thinking which propelled the case for freedom forward. However, I do not believe that the working class had the impact that others eve claimed.Because politicians were a rich landowning elite and did not have to take into account the electorate or constituents opinions as they owned the land their voters lived on. Furthermore, the majority of the MSP were controlled by the trading companies and sadly, like today; the corporations had more power than the people. That aside, they did put pressure on parliament and gave force to the political proponents of abolition. Granville Sharp is a fantastic example of a middle class educated campaigner who helped fight the cases of black slaves as well as founding the society for effecting the abolition of the slave trade in 1787.Men like him both helped to educate the working class and persuade the upper on the importance of abolition. The reason I think the role of the middle class was not as important and was an underlying factor is due to the fact that public opinion was all ready changing due to the role Of black campaigners and the middle class merely accelerated it. However this long-term cause should not be disregarded as many slaves were saved and freed under the legal protection and effort of Mr.. Sharp- slaves who went on to change the opinion of the British public.Another example of a middle class campaigner was Wildflower. Committed and scrupulous, devoted and tireless William fought for the rights of all men and the abolition of the slave trade. William persevered after many failed attempts and although he may not have been the most important factor just like the straw who broke the camels back, Wildernesss bill broke the back of oppression and slavery Because as he said in his impassioned speech to parliament You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know. To conclude, I think that the economic factor was the most important and although take a cynical view believe that the years of racism, apartheid and xenophobia after slavery shows that primarily it was not compassion that led to the abolition of slavery but the same greed that led to the industrial revolution in the years that followed. However I concede that even if as Niccole Machiavelli says Politics has no relation to morals. It was the men like Wildflower and sharp, men with more morals than all the p lantation owners combined who were also crucial to the abolition of the vile and disgusting trade.

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Term Paper Writing Mistakes

Term Paper Writing Mistakes Typical mistakes in writing term papers include the most simple of all things – spelling and grammar errors, but also include running with topics not associated with course materials, failing to cover essential aspects from the course, and topic sentences that are not explained in the material. Most students will make typical mistakes in writing term papers due to fear and concern for the work they must complete, particularly if the work is a large portion of the student’s grade. The first step in avoiding the typical mistakes in writing term papers is just to relax and think about what the course has covered. While thinking, write a short list of important things you have learned in the course and how they relate to each other. Also, remember to write the outline, the outline is there to help you stay on track while writing the paper. Begin very simply – Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Following this, you can begin to add in the primary topic sentence and then topic sentences for each paragraph. Write at least three sentences for each paragraph – preferably four. Remember to provide evidence for your information from reliable sources such as textbooks and peer-reviewed sources. Finally, no matter how much trouble you have with your term paper, you can avoid the typical mistakes in writing term papers just by remembering to use your â€Å"Spelling Grammar† checker found in the review section of MS Word. This function will prevent the more common errors found in papers and even provide you with a clear knowledge of how many words you have written for the assignment. Your writing will take time to develop, most students will not have college level writing skills straight out of high school, but with time and practice, you can have these skills.

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Transformational Leadership Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Transformational Leadership - Dissertation Example   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  __________________ Date  Ã‚  Ã‚   Dean, School of Advanced Studies University of Phoenix Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Abstract 5 1.0. Introduction 8 Problem Statement 10 Purpose Statement 11 Significance of the Study 12 Nature of the Study 13 1.1.1.Design of the study 13 Justification for the chosen methodology 13 1.5.1 Characteristics of the sample 13 1.5.2. Data collection 14 1.5.3. Data analysis 14 Hypothesis/Research Questions 14 Theoretical Framework 15 1.1.2.Definitions of Terms 17 1.1.3.Assumptions 20 Scope of Study 21 1.1.4.Limitations 21 1.1.5.Delimitations 22 1.2.Summary 22 2.0. Chapter 2: Review of Literature 24 2.1. Historical Overview 24 2.1.1. Empowerment Through leadership 26 2.1.2. Leadership Development 31 2.1.3. Academic Achievement 37 2.2. Summary 47 3.0. CHAPTER 3: METHOD 49 3.1. Research Design 49 3.1.2. Appropriateness of Design 51 3.2. Research Questions 52 3.3. Population 53 3.4. Informed Consent 54 3.5. Sampling Frame 54 3.6. Data collection 54 3.6.1. Confidentiality 56 3.6.2. Geographic Location 56 3.6.3. Instrumentation 56 3.7. Data Analysis 57 3.7.1. Validity 58 3.7.2. Reliability 58 3.8. Summary 58 Reference 60 Abstract This study takes an in-depth look at transformational leadership and how effective this model of leadership is when implemented. The study is conducted in the context of Schools to explore how principals and the management achieve transformational leadership, how it is nurtured and developed and the benefits derived from implementing this model of leadership. The main aim of this study is to identify how transformational leadership has enhanced school teachers and administrators’ effectiveness in managing and improving schools through educational reforms and other improvement practices. The study identified that leadership in a schools is not much different from leadership in private sector companies and is thus very critical to the effectiveness of learning. One of the major problems identified in this study is lack of well developed leadership that could enable leaders to address the challenges that are currently faced at schools. Effective leadership as mentioned in this study is essential for the transformation of the organization and it is fundamental for driving the strategic and cultural plans that are used to enhance improvement in parental involvement, technology and academic achievement. This research has identified that transformational leadership is the most effective leadership model in guiding organizations through significant changes. The study has taken quantitative research approach focusing on public schools in the United States as the